The Versatile Blogger Nominees

While I was reading one of the blogs that I follow today I was surprised to learn that I had been nominated for the Versatile Blogger Award. Teresa Branam Wilgus of was so kind to have recognized my work at Woman on the Ledge.

I was introduced to Teresa at through an article that she had written entitled, “A Piece from My Heart – Discrimination or Not?” Like me, Teresa was fifty and at a crossroads in her life. She was a woman who was experiencing significant changes just like me. I had found a kindred spirit.

What makes Teresa special is that she is not afraid to expose her heart and soul on the page. She is very open and strives to make a human connection with all her readers. This is what makes her a compelling writer. A Midwest Girl’s Dreams offers something for everyone from current affairs coverage to sports to music to family life and even food! Her blog is like visiting with an old friend, comfortable and fun. I urge you to seek her out.

As you all know, I am a huge believer in the concept of paying it forward. In accepting this nomination, I want to acknowledge some of my peers who have varied writing styles and unique voices that deserve to be heard. Unfortunately, before I get to the exciting part, I have to put everyone through the frightening scenario of 7 Things That You Don’t Know about Me and Don’t Necessarily Want to Know. That being said, let’s do this!

  1. I am a former NBC page. Did I mention I was a Letterman fan and not a Leno fan? Sorry Team Leno just can’t do it!
  2. I used to intern for David Letterman’s Worldwide Pants production company on the Late Late Show with Tom Snyder.
  3. I had the chance to talk to Sir Anthony Hopkins and I choked! Yep. I just stood there and watched him “Walk on By,” to the tune of Dionne Warwick.
  4. I performed stand up at the Ice House Annex in Pasadena. I paid 10.00 for a tape of that effort and never received it. Hmm. I’ve never checked YouTube. YIKES!
  5. To show you what a dolt I can be at times, my acting teacher played Mrs. Taylor on “Living Single.” She called me to see if I wanted to be an extra on the show. It was an immediate opportunity to earn a SAG card. Guess what? I had to work so I said no…….in the words of the great Homer Simpson, “D’oh!”
  6. I can confirm that Alec Baldwin is indeed a jerk because I was in an elevator with him and not by choice.
  7. I like disco. Yes, I said it. I LIKE DISCO. Please don’t hurt me rock fans. I wore the Bee Gees out as a pre-teen. “Stayin’ Alive” 4-EVER!

Now without further ado, here is my list of nominees for the Versatile Blogger Award:

Before I present the candidates, I just wanted to say that there are many talented writers in the blogosphere. I wish I could nominate everyone.

  1. T.Wayne – Owner, . If you need a lift and some fun in your life, visit this site. T. Wayne is a true musical connoisseur. His blog regularly spotlights artists from various decades. Being a modern renaissance man, he can discuss everything from current affairs, sports and popular culture.  We have had lively discussions on celebrity crushes, the Baltimore Orioles and Baltimore Ravens (he lives in Maryland and Baltimore is like my second home) as well as 70’s funk. Thanks for the good times, T. Wayne. I am certain there will be many more.
  2. Lorenza – Owner, . This is a hidden gem. Renza’s Life and Stuff is a very clever effort between her and her dog Buffy. What makes her blog truly unique is that she writes in Buffy’s voice. This pup is not shy about giving advice to his fellow canines on how to deal with crazy humans, avoid bath day, and doggie etiquette. Renza is a refreshing voice who blogs about everyday life, love and even holiday gift ideas! I am glad to have made her acquaintance.
  3. Paula – Owner, . Paula was the first person I met on Word Press. She is a very determined 40 something woman who is a wife and mother and a marathoner! Amazing, isn’t she? Paula just completed the Williams Route 66 Marathon in Oklahoma with her husband James who is also a runner. Never a Dull Bling is a wonderful blog about life, family, animals and anything else that strikes Paula’s fancy. If you ever want to be inspired pay her a visit. You won’t be disappointed.
  4. Ms. Rix – Owner, . Ms. Rix is a delightfully young at heart woman from Newark-on-Trent in the UK. Her blogs are like a tour of England without leaving your home. Ms. Rix imparts recipes, her opinions on world events, and life wisdom. I enjoy reading about her escapades in other countries or her sojourns along the River Devon. Her blog is truly a little slice of delight!
  5. Paul Handover – Owner, . This is another blog that I started following when I first joined Word Press. Paul is the author of the book, “Learning from Dogs.” I enjoy this site because on a daily basis there is a life affirming story about humans and dogs and unconditional love. I have been fortunate enough to have written a guest post for Paul and I am eternally grateful for him taking a chance on me. This is the place I go to when I need to find my faith in humanity. Paul interacts with his followers (of which there are many) and encourages all opinions and discussions.
  6. Stacy Benedict – Owner, . Stacy is an author of science fiction and urban fantasy. She has a series coming out in 2017 entitled, “The Children of Ekhidna and Typhoeus.” What I like the most about Stacy’s blog is the sense of community that she has with her fellow writers. She creates and shares exceedingly helpful articles full of writing tips and how to craft believable characters. In addition to the academic posts, Stacy also writes about movies and mythology (including super heroes). Her site reminds me of that quirky, cool coffee shop where you can hang out, have some excellent java, chat with friends, write or read a good book.

Since I joined Word Press and Google+ I have had the fortune of meeting some very talented individuals.  I have learned from each and every one of you. Artists should support one another. We have the means and the ability to make a difference in this world. Celebrate your uniqueness. Wear your difference like a badge. You have earned it and the world is better for having each and every one of you in it.

For my nominees, if you are not familiar, you can find the guidelines at the following link:  .  Once you complete the process, go ahead and grab your award. You have earned it!

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